Bsc Bouwkunde at the TU Delft
MSc Architecture at the TU Delft


Internship at I.O.U. Architecture, Amsterdam


Established ‘Studio Timo’ and started first projects.


International Workshop Moscow


  • Final round in competition “Werk aan de Winkel”
  • Co-operation with Vitibuck Architects.

About my work

I graduated from the TU Delft in the summer of 2014 on a transformation project in Rotterdam South in which I revitalized a neglected -but nonetheless important- street in the urban structure by architectural means. In earlier stages of the study I have focused on architecture in a broad spectrum, from interior projects to landscape projects. All these projects have in common that I approach them with an investigative, analytical attitude, in search for stories and hidden values to get to the core of an assignment, location or object and to embed the design successfully  in its context.

I have worked as freelance architect for Studio LS and Vitibuck Architects. Besides that, I still work as independent architect, starting up new projects and competitions as we speak. However, I am always looking for new challenges, whether it’s with Studio Timo or as a part of a new team.

Why I love what I do

During my studies, I found out that architecture is -in my opinion- most interesting when it’s engaged in a broader perspective. The grey areas of the profession -where does architecture begin or end?- and the interaction with other disciplines have always been starting points in all my projects and researches. For example you can think of the interaction with art, urbanism, landscape, history and sociology. In my way of thinking I have been largely influenced by the ideologies of Team X and Dutch structuralists.

The interaction between architecture and history needs to be highlighted. I love to work with an existing context or parameters and incorporate stories and hidden values in my work. That way, a dialogue between my design and the surroundings can be established.